• Nano board PRO≪K 1000 series≫

    Nano board PRO K 1000 is a board shape insulation material which is base on fumed slica. The application temperature of K 1000 can reach 1000℃.

  • NANO BoardPRO ≪K 200 series≫

    Silver downlights make your living room look stylish. Made from high-quality cast-aluminum metal, this downlight features a decorative ring and a durable LED light source and a high-quality low-glare diffuser.

  • Nano PRO≪Chopped glass≫

    The chandelier can be adjusted to the height you like, immersing you in a mysterious atmosphere. The crystal-clear glass crystal pendant on the ornate chrome base is particularly eye-catching, while the top is accented with a fiber shade.

  • Nano PRO ≪VIP≫

    The product is packaged in high vacuum with high barrier packaging and K 200 core material.

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