NANO BoardPRO ≪K 200 series≫

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K 200 is a board shape insulation material which is based on fumed silica.

It's develped as the core of vacuum insulation panels-so called VIP. 

VIP is one of the best insulation material in the world. The VIP based on K200 shows a very

low thermal conductivity-teypically around 4 mW/mk.

The VIP based on K200 offers the longest service life among all other available core materials.


Technical data

Product typeK 200K 200-LK 500
Max.Application temperature℃200200500
Density  kg/m³~ 180~ 170~ 180
Specific heat KJ/kg K~ 0.9~ 0.8~ 0.9
Thermal conductivity W/mk~ 0.020~ 0.019~ 0.021
At atmospheric pressure
Thermal conductivity W/mk~ 0.0040~ 0.0038~ 0.0042
At a pressure of 1mbar
Electric resistance≥ 2000 MΩ≥ 2000 MΩ≥ 2000 MΩ
Fire protection classA1A1A1
DIN ISO 4102

Available formates

§  Length and Width······································ 1000x600, 1000x700, 1200x600, 1050x850 mm

§  Thicckness··········································································································· 5 – 50 mm

§  Customized


§  Processing into various shapes such as corner drop, center drop and so on.

§  Bend up to about 2 mm。

§ Providing non-woven packaging to prevent dust from being sucked into equipment during vacuum processing.

Non-woven fabrics are also heat resistant up to 160 ° C.


§  Cold chain logistics

§  Cool boxes

§  Household applicances

§Aerospace field, Building insulation

and other areas requiring insulation




Based on Euro Standard 2006/1907 / EG, this product is classified as safe and harmless.

But, please be careful about the suction of the fiber.


If it absorbs water, the micropolymer structure is destroyed and the heat insulation performance is impaired.

Please be careful about the rain and high humidity.