Nano PRO≪Chopped glass≫

The chandelier can be adjusted to the height you like, immersing you in a mysterious atmosphere. The crystal-clear glass crystal pendant on the ornate chrome base is particularly eye-catching, while the top is accented with a fiber shade.

Product consultation

Nano Pro chopped glass is formed into a sheet by the jew dry process of new process excellent in processability.

which excels in heat insulation in the middle and low temperature range and is very  excellent in processability. 

Technical data

Product typechopped glass
Max.Application temperature ℃200
Main fiber diamete (rμm )7~ 12
%(shipment)~ 1.0
Themal conductivity W/mk0.035~ 0.035
At atmospheric pressure
Thermal conductivity W/mk~ 0.0018
At a pressure of 1mbar
Maximum compression density  ㎏/m3310±20
SizeRoll sheet and board



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